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Social Inclusion

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1. Risks and Resilience w/ Child Rearing

2. Seivice Impact

3. Class for Parents and Children

4. CommunityCenter for Child Care Support

5. Family Support Centers

6. Nursery

7. Kinder Garten

8. After School Child Care Center, Children's Center

9. Counseling Center for Children and Family

10. Center for Developmental Support

11. Counselling Center for Children

12. Hello Works

13. Station for Youth Support

14. Counseling Service for Disabled Persons

15. Employment Support Center for Disabled Persons

16. Complehensive Support Center for Elderly People

17. Silver Man-Power Support Center

18. Preventive Elderly Care Programs

19. Social Welfare Office

20. Public Health Center

21. Risks and Resilience w/ Child Rearing

22. Network of Friends

23. Support from Neighbours/Relatives

24. No trustworthy Groups

25. Mutual Help Among Neighbours

26. Promotion of Welfare Volunteer Activities

27. Trust Others

Category Name: Social Capital
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Basic Facts(0): Networking Organizations(33): Who are eligible and how to use services? E-Community (0): Look at city master plan
Case Studies(29): You can apply to local services online Community Carte(33): Find contacts in local government offices Online Applications(0): Self diagnosis of your welfare challengestd>
Facilities(0): See official events and put your own events Downloads(0): Information on public and private facilities Resource Persons(-1): Look at the performance indicators
Goals/Activities(-1): Find good community-business chances E-Community (0): Ask questions, send your opinions and complaints Quick Info(0): Case studies of good practices of social services
Business Partners(0): You can send local information quickly Events(14): Find public reports and documents Best WebSites(33): Get information on best websites