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1. Prevention of Bullying

2. Classes for Truant Children

3. After School Facilities for School Boys & Girls

4. Extended After School Facilities

5. Support for Learning

6. Diversified Career Guidance

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Creaci?n de un Plan de Negocio

Parents Eagerly Support Children's Education (EDU1) STA11511
Learn Career Path from Neighbours (EDU2) STA11512
Met Good Teachers (EDU3) STA11513
Difficulty in Learning in Class (EDU17) STA11514
Difficulties in Attending Clum School (EDU18) STA11515
Unauthorised Absence (EDU7) STA11516
Bullied (EDU9) STA11517
Bully Others (EDU19) STA11518
Protect Bullied Coleague (EDU12) STA11519
Self-Esteem (MEN1) STA1151c
Risks and Resiliences During Employment () STA1153
Risks and Resiliences During Employment () STA1153
First Job was Regular Employment (EMP14) STA11531
First Job was Irregular Employment (EMP7) STA11532
Promoted to Regular Employment (EMP11) STA11533
Change Job to a Irregular Employment (EMP12) STA11534
Unemployed (EMP8) STA11535
Irregular Employment (EMP16) STA11536
Regular Employment (EMP17) STA11537
Bullied in the Working Place (EMP15) STA11538
Work-Life Balance (HLT4) STA11539
Creativity (EMP18) STA1153a
Cooperativeness (EMP19) STA1153b
Leadership (EMP20) STA1153c
Poverty () STA1154
Poverty () STA1154
Difficulties in Repayment (EMP13) STA11542
Leave Job-Related Accomodation (HOU6) STA11544
Become Homeless (HOU9) STA11546
Own a House (HOU12) STA11547
Membership to National Pension System (LOC5) STA11548
Health Management for Pupils & Students (HLT1) STA115581
Fatigue (HLT7) STA115587
Disease (HLT8) STA115588
Disability (HLT9) STA115589
Prevention of Obecity (HLT11) STA11558b
l@g () STA1156
Depression, Bipolor (MEN6) STA11561
Anxiety/Speeling Disorder (MEN7) STA11562
Social Withdrawal (MEN9) STA11563
Life is meaningless (MEN10) STA11564
Friends/Confortable Place/Rorle to Play (MEN4) STA11566
Care Family Members while Working (FML7) STA11574
Care Family Members full-time (FML14) STA11575
Divorce (FML13) STA11576
Widowed (FML15) STA11577
Love/Empathy (MEN12) STA11578
Birth of the First Child (CHL16) STA1158
Birth of the First Child (CHL16) STA11581
Birth to the Second Child and More (CHL17) STA11582
Single Parent Raising Children (FML6) STA11583
Save for Children's Education Cost (CHL3) STA11584
Anxiety for Child Reering (CHL11) STA11585
Insufficient Nursing facilities (CHL7) STA11586
Child, Not Good at Playing w/ Peer (CHL6) STA11587
Child, Difficult to Follow Class Lessons (CHL12) STA11588
Child, Truant (CHL8) STA11589
Child, Unstable Employment (CHL10) STA1158a
Network of Friends (EMP3) STA11591
Support from Neighbours/Relatives (LOC1) STA11592
No trustworthy Groups (MEN8) STA11593
Mutual Help Among Neighbours (LOC2) STA11594
Neighbourhood Conditions () STA115a
Shops for Daily Necessities Available (NEI10) STA115a10
Many Amenities (NEI11) STA115a11
Public Services are Available (NEI13) STA115a13
Embarrassment of Raising a child (EJD) STA115v
Sleep Daytime and Wake up At Night (EJD01) STA115v01
Week Sucking Power of Milk (EJD02) STA115v02
Often Crying Every Evenings (EJD03) STA115v03
Often Crying Every Evenings (EJD04) STA115v04
Low Weight (EJD05) STA115v05
Do not Know When I Start Weaning Food (EJD06) STA115v06
Frequent Crying During Nights (EJD07) STA115v07
Difficulty in Playing in a Group (EJD08) STA115v08
Crying While Going Out (EJD09) STA115v09
Often Lose Temper when Warned (EJD10) STA115v10
Basic Daily Habbits (EJE) STA115w
Crying for Milk (EJE01) STA115w01
Can Drink Using a Spoon (EJE02) STA115w02
Eat Biscuit By Him/HerSelf (EJE03) STA115w03
Can Drink Water Holding a Cup By him/herself (EJE04) STA115w04
Eat Something Using a Spoon (EJE05) STA115w05
Can Drink Using a Straw (EJE06) STA115w06
Tell Parent about Urination Before (EJE07) STA115w07
Eat Food By Him/herself (EJE08) STA115w08
Can Wash Face (EJE09) STA115w09
Can Wear Cloths (EJE10) STA115w10
Social Relationship (EJF) STA115x
Turn His/Her Face Towards the Direction of Voice (EJF01) STA115x01
Smile Towards Somebody (EJF02) STA115x02
Shy to People Whenever He/She seea For the First T (EJF03) STA115x03
Runs After His/Her Parents (EJF04) STA115x04
Helps Household's work (EJF05) STA115x05
Hold His/Her Friends' Hand (EJF06) STA115x06
Plays Imitating Telephone Talks (EJF07) STA115x07
Likes Taking Care of Others (EJF08) STA115x08
Can Play Role Playing Game (EJF09) STA115x09
Can Create a Mountain in Sand Pad in Cooperation W (EJF10) STA115x10
Relationship between parents and child (EJG) STA115y
Parents: Sing Songs Towards Him/Her (EJG01) STA115y01
Parents: Read Books for Him/Her (EJG02) STA115y02
Parents: Play Peek-a-boo w/ Him/Her (EJG03) STA115y03
Parents: Respond to Baby's Talk (EJG04) STA115y04
Parents: Say No When Baby Behaves Wrong (EJG05) STA115y05
Panrents: Stroll Along a Park w/ Baby (EJG06) STA115y06
Panrents: Praise when Baby Can Do Something (EJG07) STA115y07
Parents: Play w/ Baby by Exchanging Words (EJG08) STA115y08
Parents: Ask children to help Household's work (EJG09) STA115y09
Parents: Leave Childs Watching TV for a Long Time (EJG10) STA115y10
Speaking words (EJH) STA115z
Cries with Loud Voice (EJH01) STA115z01
Emits Some Voices (EJH02) STA115z02
Emits Some voices Towards Someone (EJH03) STA115z03
Pronounces Many Voices (EJH04) STA115z04
Can Speek Two Words Sentenses (EJH05) STA115z05
Can Speek his/her Own Name (EJH06) STA115z06
Responds to the Voice "Bye-Bye" (EJH07) STA115z07
Indicates His/Her Ear By a Fingure (EJH08) STA115z08
Understands a Color, Such as "Red" (EJH09) STA115z09
Understands the Numbers Up To Five (EJH10) STA115z10
Compiling Statistics () STA1161
Compiling Statistics () STA11611
Compiling the City History () STA11611
General Coordination () STA11611
Secratarial Activities () STA11611
Fair and Efficient Human Resource Management () STA11612
Fair & Equitable Performance Evaluation () STA11612
Recruitment Appointment Disciplinary Actions for City Employees () STA11612
Examination and Selection of the City Employee Positions () STA11612
Fair Salery System to Motivate Employees () STA11612
Saleries Work Hours and Other Working Conditions of City Employees () STA11612
Publication of Human Resource Policies and Regulations () STA11612
Negotiation with the Union Or Associaltion on Working Conditions () STA11612
STA123 () STA11612
Administration of Official Injury Insurance () STA11612
Administration of Retiment Pension System for City Employees () STA11612
Administration of Mutual Assistance Association for Local Government Officials () STA11612
Promoting Employees Welfare () STA11612
Administrating Saleries, working hours and working condition () STA11612
Promoting Welfare of City Employees () STA11612
Supporting Health Care of City Employees () STA11612
Training for Employees () STA11612
Administrative Reform Open to Citizens () STA11613
Streamlining Organizational Structure () STA11613
Organizational Structure and Control of Number of City Employees () STA11613
Research Coordination and Guidance for Administrative Process Management () STA11613
Compliance to Laws () STA11613
Review Interpretation coordination and Publication of Ordinance By-Laws and Rules () STA11613
Coordination of Litigations Reconciliations Mediations and Examination of Complaints on Administr () STA11613
Publication of Official Gazzet and Compendium of Rules () STA11613
Promoting information Disclosure () STA11613
Coordination and Guidance on the Protection of Privacy Public Information Disclosure () STA11613
Promoting Administrative Reform () STA11613
Promotion of Administrative Reform () STA11613
Accounting Practice Transparent to Citizens () STA11614
Promotion of Automatic Debiting () STA11614
Managing Relationship with Disignated Financial Institutions () STA11614
Managing the Office Supply Procurement Funds () STA11614
Promoting Auto-Pay for Tax Payments () STA11614
Inspection of Financial Operations & Institutions () STA11614
Inspecting Designated Financial Institutions () STA11614
Inspecting Management of Office Supplies and Equipment () STA11614
Cash Management () STA11614
Confirmimg Incrrance of Obligations () STA11614
Writing Checks () STA11614
Management and Repository of Securities and Collaterals () STA11614
Promoting Basic City Plans () STA11621
City Master Plan () STA11621
Formulation and Implementation of City Master Plan () STA11621
Research Coordination and Design of Basic City Policies () STA11621
Coordinating Important Policy Decision Process () STA11621
Conducting Specific Projects designated by the Mayor () STA11621
Supporting Inter-Departmental Meetings () STA11621
Conducting Administrative Evaluation () STA11621
Promoting InterCity Exchange () STA11621
Open Information and CommunicationSystem () STA11621
Development and Management of the Information Systems () STA11621
Efficient and Sound Fiscal Policies () STA1163
Creating a Sound Basis for City Finance () STA11631
Budget & Long-term Financial Planning () STA11631
Revenue Sharing Grant () STA11631
Liaising with City Council () STA11631
Budget Compilation Allocation and Implementation () STA11631
Fiscal Plan Research and Statistics () STA11631
Publication of Fiscal Situation () STA11631
Exit from Debt Reliance () STA11631
City Debt and Borrowing () STA11631
Financial Plan () STA11631
Land Development Fund Consolidation Fund () STA11631
Fair and Effective Contracts and Procurement () STA11632
Promoting Competition in Selecting Contractors () STA11632
Managing Procurement Contracts for Goods and Services () STA11632
Monitoring of Compliance to the Contractual Terms () STA11632
Use of Private Sector in Public Facility Management () STA11632
General Management of Public Properties () STA11632
Evaluation of Public Properties () STA11632
Efficient Procurement for Project Sites () STA11632
Compensations for Land Owners Affected by Projects () STA11632
Acquisition of Land based on Land Acquisition Act () STA11632
Acquisition and Measurement of Replacement Land () STA11632
Collection of City Taxes () STA11633
Collection through Auto-Pay () STA11633
Reinbursement Reminders and Tax Payment Certificates () STA11633
Resolving Tax Delinquencies () STA11633
Public Aution () STA11633
General Coordination of Tax Administration () STA11633
Local Allocation Tax Culculatiion of Revenue Sharing Grants Local Excise TaxesB () STA11633
Complaints on City Taxation () STA11633
Fair & Equitable Taxation () STA11633
City Taxes on Corporations () STA11633
Local Light AutomobileTax () STA11633
Proper Evaluation of Real Estate () STA11633
Evaluation of Land Prices () STA11633
Certificate for Land Evaluation Certificate for Taxation Official Maps and Copies () STA11633
Real Estate Tax and Urban Planning Tax and Special Land Holdings Tax () STA11633
Real Estate Tax and Urban Planning Tax on Buildings () STA11633
Real Estate Tax on Depreciation Assets () STA11633
Safe and Secure City () STA1164
Ensuring Preparedness for Disasters () STA11641
Prompt Response to Disaster Emergencies () STA11641
Formulation and coordination concerning the Emergency Preparedness Plan () STA11641
Assistance to People and Community affected by Disasters () STA11641
Condolence Money for Disaster-Affected People and Disable People () STA11641
Planning and Coordination concerning Disaster Management () STA11641
Policies to Prevent Disasters () STA11641
Daily Preparations for Disasters () STA11641
Volunteer Disaster Management Activities () STA11641
Comprehensive Regional Disaster Preparedness Training () STA11641
Disseminate Information on Disaster Preparednedd () STA11641
Crime-less City & Neighbourhood () STA11642
Anti-Crime Policy and Implementation () STA11642
Preventing Anti-Social Behaviour () STA11642
Preventing and Supporting Victims of Domestic Violence () STA11642
Anti-Terrolism () STA11642
Drug and Alcohol Abuse () STA11642
Crime of Youth () STA11642
Pedestrian-Friendly City () STA11642
Coordination of Traffic Safety Initiatives () STA11642
Preventing Illegal Parking () STA11642
Protention of Human Rights () STA11642
Counselling on Human Right Issues () STA11642
Promotion of Gender Equality () STA11642
Patronage for Adults' Legal Right () STA11642
Preventing Social Exclusion () STA11643
Preventing Social Exclusion () STA11643
Collaboration with Citizens Organizations () STA11643
Formulation of the Basic Civic Participation Ordinance () STA11643
Nourishing Regional Communities () STA11643
Management of Community Centres () STA11643
Dialogue with Citizens () STA11643
Coordination with Administration Centres () STA11643
Support for Community Social Businesses () STA11643
Questions on Selection and Purchases of Goods and Services () STA11644
Questions on Selection and Purchases of Goods and Services () STA11644
Exibition and Show-case () STA11644
Lending and reading of books and videos () STA11644
Seminars for Consumers () STA11644
Efficient and Prompt Service Deliveries () STA11646
Registration of Seals () STA11646
Registration and Claim for Childrens Allowances () STA11646
Registration and Claim for Childrens Allowances () STA11646
Application for Childrens Medical Certificates () STA11646
Promoting Address System Familiar to Citizens () STA11646
Implementation and Maintenance of Residential Address System () STA11646
Emergency Homeless Welfare Programme () STA11646
Emergency Homeless Welfare Programme () STA11646
Homeless People Self-Reliance Supporters () STA11646
Managing National Health Insurance System () STA11649
Research and Planning for National Health Insurance Activities () STA11649
Collection and Consultation of Premium for Nationa Health Insurance () STA11649
Membership Acquisition and Exit from Nationa Health Insurance System Calculation of Premium () STA11649
Eligibility of the Insured persons () STA11649
Issuing certificates for the Insured of National Health Insurance () STA11649
Insurance Benefit Payment of the National Health Insurance () STA11649
Plan and Implementation of Emergency Medical Services () STA11651
Plan and Implementation of Emergency Medical Services () STA11651
Emergency Medical Service Centres () STA11651
City Nursing Professional School () STA11651
Supporting Carers for Family Members () STA11651
Employers support for carers () STA11651
Administration of Social Welfare Facilities () STA11651
Administrating the Cremation and Burial Centre () STA11651
Coordination with Social Welfare Public Corporation and Local Council on Social Welfare () STA11651
Integerated Welfare Consultation Window () STA11651
Guidance to Socal Welfare Corporations () STA11651
Permission of Establishing Social Welfare Corporations and Receiving Reports from Them on Social We () STA11651
Supervising Social Welfare Corporations and Social Welfare Activities () STA11651
Area Coordination of Medical and Elderly Care () STA11651
Coordination with Citizens Public Heath Centre () STA11651
Certificate for Physical Disable Persons () STA116531
Public Assistance for Medical Care Expenses for People with HighDegree of Physical and Intellectual () STA116533
Public Assistance for Admission to Welfare Facilities for Physically and Intellectually Disabled Peo () STA116533
Improving Physical and Mental Health () STA11658
Promoting Health Awareness () STA11658c
Preventing Food-related Hazards () STA11659
Planning and Coordinating the programmes on Public Hygiene () STA116591
Measures to Improve Food Hygiene () STA116592
Counselling and Extermination of Noxious Insects () STA116593
Preventing Rabbies () STA116594
Protection of Animal () STA116595
Administration of Animal Protection Centre () STA116596
Mental Health Risks and Remedies () STA1166
Welfare Programme for Mental Health Issues () STA11661
Day Care for Infrants () STA11661
Family Support Centers () STA11661
Support for Single Parent Households () STA11661
Support for Single Parent Households () STA11661
Childrens Allowance for Single Parent Households () STA11661
Center for Children () STA116616
Dimensia, Altzheimer Disease () STA11662
Schizophrenia () STA11663
Trauma, PTSD () STA11664
Life Rescue Telephone () STA11665
Other Measure to prevent Suicide () STA11666
Care for Persons Left out by Suicide () STA11667
State of Environment Report () STA11671
Creation of Partnership () STA11671
Environmental Protection Basic Ordinance () STA11671
Environmental Protection Action Plan () STA11671
Protecting unpoluted Air and Grounds () STA11672
Response to Complaints () STA11672
Monitoring Water Quality () STA11672
Water Resource Management Plan () STA11672
Creating a Recycling System () STA11673
Reducing and Disposing Household Wastes () STA11673
Statistics and Disposal Planning of Household Waste () STA11673
Research on the Household Wastes () STA11673
Promotion of Reducing and Re-Using Household Wastes () STA11673
General Management of Waste Disposal Facilities () STA11673
Promoting Clean Town InitiativeB () STA11673
Recycling Household Wastes () STA11673
Composting of Household Waste () STA11673
Recycling of Paper () STA11673
Recycling of Plastics () STA11673
Recycling of Glasses () STA11673
Recycling of Electric Appliances () STA11673
Monitoring Householde Wastes () STA11673
Preventing Illegal Dumping of Wastes () STA11673
Certification and Supervision of General Waste Disposal Serice Providers () STA11673
Registration and supervision of Septic MaintenanceService ProvidersB () STA11673
Research and Planing for Waste Disposal Facilities () STA11673
Disposal of Human Waste and Soil Produced by Sewer Treatment Facilities () STA11673
Broader Regional Waste Disposal Facilities () STA11673
Designing and Implementation of Construction Works for Environment Department () STA11673
Maintenance of Environmental Facilities () STA11673
Raising Awareness of Citizens for Recycling () STA11673
ReUse of Containers and Rapping Materials and Exchangeof Unused Materials () STA11673
Recycling of ReUsable Wastes () STA11673
Manitenance of Waste Disposal Facilities () STA11673
Measuring Weight and Imposition of Fees on the Collection of Containers and Rapping Materials () STA11673
Administration of Recycling Plaza () STA11673
Health Care for School Pupils and Students (HLT8) STA1168
Classes for Infant Raising Raising Twins Weaning and Dental Higiene () STA1168
Development During Employment Period () STA1168
Birth () STA11681
Community-based Support Network () STA11681
Support for Fertility Treatment () STA11682
Social Finance () STA11682
Cloud Funding () STA11682
Sicial Impact Bond () STA11682
Support for Midwife () STA11683
Promoting Vigorous Agriculture/Forestry and Fishery () STA11683
Promotion of AgricultureA and Forestry () STA11683
Policies Towards Agriculture, and Forestry () STA11683
Promotion and Management Guidance to Agriculture, and Forestry () STA11683
Managing Production Greens () STA11683
Farming Land Improvement () STA11683
Promoting Organic Agriculture () STA11683
Consumption of Local Products, Open-Air Market () STA11683
Direct Delivery of Local Products () STA11683
Promoting Fishery () STA11683
Promotion and Guidance to Fisheries () STA11683
Supervision of Fishery Organizations () STA11683
Transfer of FarmingLands () STA11683
Communication With Agricultural Land Use Commission () STA11683
Approval of Land Use of Farming Land for other Purposes and Monitoring of Illegal Use () STA11683
Administration of the Agricultural Training Centre () STA11683
Classes for Infant Raising Raising Twins Weaning and Dental Higiene () STA11684
Counseling/ Support for Child Reering (SVCP) STA11684
Classes for Parents and Babies (SVCP) STA11684
Counselling on Child Rearing () STA11684
Mental Health Care for Parents () STA11684
Promotion of Tourism () STA11684
Promoting Tourism and Regional Cultural Heritage () STA11684
Promotion of Tourism () STA11684
Research and Planning for Tourism Development () STA11684
Collecting and Disseminating Toursm Information () STA11684
Promotion and Support for Tourism Events () STA11684
Guidance to the Tourism Organizations () STA11684
Administration of Tourism Facilities () STA11684
Tourism Using Cultural Heritage () STA11684
Counselling on Mental Health of Parents Playing Room for Parents and Child () STA11685
City Community-Building Through Citizens Participation () STA1169
Cordination of Land Use () STA11691
Cordination of Land Use () STA11691
Formulation and Implementation of Urban Planning () STA11692
Formulation and Implementation of Urban Planning () STA11692
() STA11692
Building Permission in the Urban Planning Project Areas () STA11692
Regulating Land Use and Estate Development () STA11694
Regulating Land Use and Estate Development () STA11694
Approval Based on the Ordinance for Coordination of Appropriate Land UseB () STA11694
Regulations on Orderly Development () STA11694
Guidance on Residential Land Preservation in the Residential Land Development Ristricted Areas () STA11694
Guidance on Residential Land Preservation in the Residential Land Development Ristricted Areas () STA11694
Evaluation for Residential Lands For Disaster Risks () STA11694
Land Registry for Development Activities () STA11694
Creating Safe and Earthquake-proof Buildings () STA11695
Guidance and Support for Rehabilitation of Houses and Condominium for Better EarthQuake-Resistent St () STA11695
Guidance and Support for Rehabilitation of Wooden Houses and Condominium for Better EarthQuake-Resis () STA11695
Certification of Rehabilitation Plans for Specific Buildings for Better Earthquake Resistance () STA11695
Emergency Risk Evaluation for Buildings affected by Earthquake () STA11695
Processing of Reports Required by the Law on Recycling of Construction Materials (2000 Law 104) () STA11695
Inspection and Correction of Buildings Violating the Conditions of Building Permit () STA11695
Designation of Location of Private Roads () STA11695
Periodic Reporting of the Speciic Categories of Buildings () STA11695
Inspection of Buildings upon Completion on the Compliance to the Conditions of the Permit () STA11695
Approval of Building Structure () STA11695
Administration of Disignated Certification and Inspection Agents () STA11695
Housing and Public Spaces () STA11696
Planning and Design of Public Housing () STA11696
Design and Construction of Public Housing () STA11696
Vision for Pubic Housing Projects () STA11696
Consultation and Guidance on the design of High-Quality Rental Housing for Elderly People () STA11696
Improving quality of Housing () STA11696
Promoting the Supply of High-Quality Rental Housing for Elderly People () STA11696
Renewal Maintenance and Management of City Housing () STA11696
Creative Uses of Public Spaces () STA11696
Disaster-Resistent Roads () STA116a1
Inspection of Road Hazards Caused by Disasters and Emergency Repair Works () STA116a1
Road Securing Traffic Safety () STA116a1
Design Installation and Maintenance of Traffic Safety Equipments () STA116a1
Design Installation and Maintenance of Traffic Safety Facility () STA116a1
Public Transport () STA116a1
Roads Lined with Green () STA116a1
Planting and Maintenance of Road-SideTrees () STA116a1
Bus Transport () STA116a1
Community Bus () STA116a1
Street Car, LRT () STA116a1
Welfare Taxi () STA116a1
Improve Public Transportation System () STA116a2
Public Transportation Policy () STA116a2
Community Welfare Transportation System () STA116a2
Rivers and Streams Attractive to Citizens () STA116a3
Attractive Promnade Along Water () STA116a3
Rivers Resistant to Flood () STA116a3
Design and Civil Engineering of Improvement and Maintenance of Rivers () STA116a3
Recovery Work for Rivers Damaged by Disasters () STA116a3
Green and Parks Accessible to Citizens () STA116a4
Reseaqrch and Planning for Parks Greens and Park Cemetaries () STA116a4
Design and Implementation of New Development and Improvement of Parks and Greens () STA116a4
Design and Implementation of civil engineering works of Park Cemetaries () STA116a4
Coordination of Cost Estimates of Construction Woks of Parks () STA116a4
Preservation of Greens () STA116a4
Measures to Preserve Greens () STA116a4
Raising Awareness Concerning the Preservation and Expansion of Green () STA116a4
Administration of the Green Fund () STA116a4
Approval of Building Activities within the Special Green Preservation Areas Scenic Preservation Are () STA116a4
Design and Implementation of Maintenance Works of Parks and Greens () STA116a4
Guidance and Assistance to the Prevention of Disasters in the Privately Owned Land in Steep Slope Ar () STA116a4
Preventing Land Slides () STA116a4
Inspection of Damages Caused by in Steep Slope Areas () STA116a4
Better Customer Services () STA116b1
Starting Water Supply Agreement on User Fees Collection of Fees () STA116b1
Exchanging Water Meter Exemption of User Fees and Auto-Pay () STA116b1
Outsourcing of Meter Inspection () STA116b1
Delinquency of User Fees stoppage of Water Supply Cost Sharing by Beneficiaries () STA116b1
Estimation of Waste Water Volume and Public Relationship () STA116b1
Efficient Management of the Water/Sewage Corporation () STA116b1
Management of Water ans Sewer Business () STA116b1
Water Sharing Agreements () STA116b1
Public Relations () STA116b1
Financial Plans () STA116b1
Effective Implementation of Works () STA116b1
Contracting Procurement of Goods and Services () STA116b1
Processing Applications for Water Supply and Sewer Construction Works Examination of Plans and Insp () STA116b1
Administration of Water Tanks () STA116b1
Starting the Usage of Sewer System () STA116b1
Responding to City s Demand for Water () STA116b2
Planning for Water Management () STA116b2
Management of Technologies for Ware Supply and Sewer System () STA116b2
Planning of Water Supply and Sewer System () STA116b2
GeneralCoordination of Disaster Management () STA116b2
General Coordination of Environmental Management () STA116b2
Water Acquisition Treatment and Distribution Plan () STA116b2
Water Management Policies () STA116b2
Civil Engineering Works to Move Water Supply and Sewer Pipes Due to Road Construction Works () STA116b2
Maintenance of Water Hydrants Attached to Water Supply Pipes () STA116b2
Water Supply Interuption and Imposing a Limitation on Water Supply () STA116b2
Emergency Water Supply () STA116b2
Inspection and Repair of Leaking Water Supply Pipes and equipment () STA116b2
Design Implementation of Maintenance Works of Public Sewer System () STA116b2
Design Implementation and Mantenance of Water Supply System Construction and Improvement Projects () STA116b2
Design and Implementation of Contracted and Cost Sharing Civil Engineering Works () STA116b2
Water Quality Management and Inspections for Water Supply System () STA116b2
Design Implementation and Maintenance of Electric and Mechanical Equipment Installation Works for () STA116b2
Design and Implementation of Construction and Improvement Works of Public Sewer System () STA116b2
Design and Implementation of MaintenanceWorks for Public SewerSystem () STA116b2
Administration of Waste Water Treatment Centres and Pomping Sites () STA116b2
Water Quality Management and inspections at Waste Water Treatment Centres () STA116b2
Research on Sewer Treatment Technologies Use of Treated Water and Ashes produced by burning the wa () STA116b2
Monitoring Guidance and Inspection of Water Quality of Efluents from Specific Entities () STA116b2
Fire-Resistant City () STA116c
Improving Educational Result of Early Foundation Stage () STA116d2
Improving Educational Result of Primary Education () STA116d2
Improving Educational Results of Secondary Education () STA116d2
Improving Educational Results of Vocational Education () STA116d2
Promoting Life-Time Learning () STA116d4
Active Use of the Life-Time Learning Centers () STA116d4
Administration of Life-Time Learning Centre () STA116d4
Policies Towards Adult Education () STA116d4
Policies Towards Life-Time Learning Centre () STA116d4
Foundation For Life-Time Learning () STA116d4
Designing Life-Time Learning Programmes () STA116d4
Rseaerch and Planning for Life-Time Learning () STA116d4
Collection and Dissemination of Information on Life-Time Learning () STA116d4
Promotion and Awareness Raising for Life-Time Learning () STA116d4
Openning the Facilities of Schools to the Public () STA116d4
Promoting Culture and Social Values Through Life-Time Learning () STA116d4
Protection and Utilization of Cultural Heritages () STA116d4
Guidance to Social Education Related Organizations and Cultural Heritage Related Organizations () STA116d4
Students/Pupil with Special Education Needs () STA116d5
Health Care of Pupils and Students () STA116d6
Create an Effective Organization to Fight Against Fire () STA117c0
General Coordination Human Resource Management and Accounting () STA117c0
vivienne westwood mens wallet uk mollycoddle menace () STA117c1
Raising Awareness on Fire-prevention () STA117c1
Policies Guidance and Public Relations about Fire Prevention () STA117c1
Concent to Fire Extinguishing Activities for Buildings () STA117c1
Guidance for Various Fire Prevention Clubs Voluntary Fire Extinguishing Teams () STA117c1
Training on Fire Prevention () STA117c1
Statistics concerning Fire Prevention () STA117c1
Inspection of Hazardous Plants and Equipments () STA117c1
Inspection and Guidance on Fire Prevention Objects and Facilities Dealing With Hazardous Materials () STA117c1
Inspection and Guidance on Petro-Chemical Complex () STA117c1
Criteria for Fire Resistant Buildings and Disclosure of Illegal Buildings and Facilities violating F () STA117c1
Inspection and Guidance on Fire Extiguishing Facilities () STA117c1
Improving the Capability to Extinguish Fire () STA117c2
Fire Extinguishing Activities () STA117c2
Securing and Managing Water Supply for Fire Extinguishing Activities () STA117c2
Improvement and Maintenance of Fire Extinguishing Machinaries and Equipment () STA117c2
Consultation on the Approval of Development Activities () STA117c2
Improving the Capacity of Ambulance () STA117c2
Modernization of Emergency Mediacal Treatment System () STA117c2
Emergency Preparedness () STA117c2
Strengthen Disaster Coping Capacity () STA117c2
Training for Rescue Activities from Disaster Areas () STA117c2
Supporting Volunteer Disaster Management Organization () STA117c2
Promotion of Disaster Prevention Organizations () STA117c2
Disaster Management Information System () STA117c3
Disaster Management Information System@Plan () STA117c3
Order for Fire Extinguishing Activities In Response to Fire Reports () STA117c3
Management Plan for Fire Squdrons s Activities () STA117c3
Management of Emergency Communication System for Disaster Alerm and Emergency Communication Control () STA117c3
Intensified Fire Alert Formation () STA117c3
Coordination with Other Disaster Management Organizations and Collecting Information () STA117c3
Statistics on Disasters () STA117c3