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Risk Factors and Resilience Factors to overcome risks, for each life stage:

Infancy: Often_Praised, Often_Scolded, Few_Contact_w/_Father, Not_Good_at_Playing, Attachment

School_Age: Learning Difficulties, Inauthorised_Absense, Bullied, Self-Confidence

Youth: Highschool_Dropout, Jobless_Youth, Have_Goals_Plans

Mental_Health: Depressed/Unstable, Anxiety/Sleeping_Disorder, Social_Withdrawal, Life_Meaningless, Trusted_Colleagues/Comfortable_Place/Roles

Employment: Irregular_Employment, Regular_Employment, Unemployed, Difficulties_in_Repayment, Homeless, University Graduates, Professional Qualification

Married/ Civil partnership: Support_from_Family, DV/Child_Abbuse, Single_Parent, Working_Carer, Fulltime_Carer, Divorsed/Widowed, Empathy, Marriage,

Poverty: Poverty, , , Public_Health_Insurance, Public_Pension,

Child Rearing:: First_Child_Born, Second Child_or_More_Born, Anxiety_for_Child_Rearing, Child_Awkward_Playing, Child_Truant, Insufficient_Nursery_Capacity, Save_for_Education;

Friends / Neighbours: Network_of_Friends, Support_from_Neighbours_Relatives, Neighbourhood_Mutual_Help, Volunteering, Trust_Others

Elderly Care:: Life-Style_Based_Syndromes, Need_Care, Public_Pension,

Health/Longevity: Excessive_Weight, Sleeping_Cycle, Nutrition, Drinking_Alkhol, No_Smoking_Habit, Walking_Habit

My Life Story: No_Confortable_Place, Life_Meaningless, Depressed/Unstable, DV/Child_Abbuse, My Life Story

Untapped Potential:

What is Open City Institute?:

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