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Category Name: Safe and Secure City

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Safe and Secure City () STA1164
Ensuring Preparedness for Disasters () STA11641
Prompt Response to Disaster Emergencies () STA11641
Formulation and coordination concerning the Emergency Preparedness Plan () STA11641
Assistance to People and Community affected by Disasters () STA11641
Condolence Money for Disaster-Affected People and Disable People () STA11641
Planning and Coordination concerning Disaster Management () STA11641
Policies to Prevent Disasters () STA11641
Daily Preparations for Disasters () STA11641
Volunteer Disaster Management Activities () STA11641
Comprehensive Regional Disaster Preparedness Training () STA11641
Disseminate Information on Disaster Preparednedd () STA11641
City with Citizens Peace of Minds () STA11642
Anti-Crime Policy and Implementation () STA11642
Preventing Anti-Social Behaviour () STA11642
Preventing and Supporting Victims of Domestic Violence () STA11642
Anti-Terrolism () STA11642
Drug and Alcohol Abuse () STA11642
Crime of Youth () STA11642
Pedestrian-Friendly City () STA11642
Coordination of Traffic Safety Initiatives () STA11642
Preventing Illegal Parking () STA11642
Creating Safe and Earthquake-proof Buildings () STA11695
Guidance and Support for Rehabilitation of Houses and Condominium for Better EarthQuake-Resistent St () STA11695
Guidance and Support for Rehabilitation of Wooden Houses and Condominium for Better EarthQuake-Resis () STA11695
Certification of Rehabilitation Plans for Specific Buildings for Better Earthquake Resistance () STA11695
Emergency Risk Evaluation for Buildings affected by Earthquake () STA11695
Processing of Reports Required by the Law on Recycling of Construction Materials (2000 Law 104) () STA11695
Inspection and Correction of Buildings Violating the Conditions of Building Permit () STA11695
Designation of Location of Private Roads () STA11695
Periodic Reporting of the Speciic Categories of Buildings () STA11695
Inspection of Buildings upon Completion on the Compliance to the Conditions of the Permit () STA11695
Approval of Building Structure () STA11695
Administration of Disignated Certification and Inspection Agents () STA11695
Fire-Resistant City () STA116c
Create an Effective Organization to Fight Against Fire () STA117c0
General Coordination Human Resource Management and Accounting () STA117c0
vivienne westwood mens wallet uk www.louislvuitton.com mollycoddle menace () STA117c1
Raising Awareness on Fire-prevention () STA117c1
Policies Guidance and Public Relations about Fire Prevention () STA117c1
Concent to Fire Extinguishing Activities for Buildings () STA117c1
Guidance for Various Fire Prevention Clubs Voluntary Fire Extinguishing Teams () STA117c1
Training on Fire Prevention () STA117c1
Statistics concerning Fire Prevention () STA117c1
Inspection of Hazardous Plants and Equipments () STA117c1
Inspection and Guidance on Fire Prevention Objects and Facilities Dealing With Hazardous Materials () STA117c1
Inspection and Guidance on Petro-Chemical Complex () STA117c1
Criteria for Fire Resistant Buildings and Disclosure of Illegal Buildings and Facilities violating F () STA117c1
Inspection and Guidance on Fire Extiguishing Facilities () STA117c1
Improving the Capability to Extinguish Fire () STA117c2
Fire Extinguishing Activities () STA117c2
Securing and Managing Water Supply for Fire Extinguishing Activities () STA117c2
Improvement and Maintenance of Fire Extinguishing Machinaries and Equipment () STA117c2
Consultation on the Approval of Development Activities () STA117c2
Improving the Capacity of Ambulance () STA117c2
Modernization of Emergency Mediacal Treatment System () STA117c2
Emergency Preparedness () STA117c2
Strengthen Disaster Coping Capacity () STA117c2
Training for Rescue Activities from Disaster Areas () STA117c2
Supporting Volunteer Disaster Management Organization () STA117c2
Promotion of Disaster Prevention Organizations () STA117c2
Disaster Management Information System () STA117c3
Disaster Management Information System@Plan () STA117c3
Order for Fire Extinguishing Activities In Response to Fire Reports () STA117c3
Management Plan for Fire Squdrons s Activities () STA117c3
Management of Emergency Communication System for Disaster Alerm and Emergency Communication Control () STA117c3
Intensified Fire Alert Formation () STA117c3
Coordination with Other Disaster Management Organizations and Collecting Information () STA117c3
Statistics on Disasters () STA117c3
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1. q̍
ق߂邵‚, (EDU13)
邵‚, (EDU14)
ڐG, (EDU15)
ڐG, (EDU16)
ԗVы, (EDU6)
leɗ{, (FML8)
Nn, (FML10)
Ɠ, (CHL18)
Ɠ, (CHL19)
cƓ, (CHL13)
cƓ, (CHL14)
ZoƓ, (CHL15)
, (EDU20)
2. w
eMS, (EDU1)
ߗׂɌK, (EDU2)
ǂt, (EDU3)
Ɨ, (EDU17)
mʂ, (EDU18)
soZ, (EDU7)
߂ꂽ, (EDU9)
߂, (EDU19)
ߒ, (EDU12)
ΕׁEw, (MEN13)
̌, (MEN3)
3. ”N
Z, (EDU8)
NƎ, (EMP6)
厑i, (EMP2)
w, (EDU4)
ڕWEv搫, (MEN2)
4. d
EKٗp, (EMP14)
E񐳋Kٗp, (EMP7)
Kٗpɏi, (EMP11)
񐳋Kٗpɓ]E, (EMP12)
, (EMP8)
񐳋Kٗp, (EMP16)
Kٗp, (EMP17)
Eꂢ, (EMP15)
dEoX, (HLT4)
n, (EMP18)
, (EMP19)
[_[Vbv, (EMP20)
5. 炵
n, (EMP9)
ԍύ, (EMP13)
Бދ, (HOU6)
x, (HOU7)
Zr, (HOU9)
V㍢, (HOU11)
, (HOU12)
INɉ, (LOC5)
Nی, (LOC11)
6. N
NǗ, (HLT1)
J, (HLT7)
aC, (HLT8)
Ⴊ, (HLT9)
Ka, (HLT6)
v, (HLT10)
, (HLT11)
Y, (HLT12)
h{oX, (HLT13)
, (HLT14)
iȂ, (HLT15)
, (HLT16)
7. iEC
sET, (MEN6)
sEQ, (MEN7)
肪, (MEN9)
lӖ, (MEN10)
͂ɓ{, (MEN11)
ԁEꏊE, (MEN4)
8. Ƒ
, (FML12)
s, (FML9)
leq, (FML6)
Ȃ, (FML7)
ɐO, (FML14)
, (FML13)
v, (MEN12)
Ƒ̎x, (FML1)
9. q
1qo, (CHL16)
2qȍ~o, (CHL17)
w𒙒~, (CHL3)
qĕs, (CHL11)
qǂԗVы, (CHL6)
qǂƗ, (CHL12)
qǂsoZ, (CHL8)
qǂٗps, (CHL10)
ۈ珊s, (CHL7)
10. FlEߗ׊֌W
Fllbg, (EMP3)
eށEאl̎x, (LOC1)
ꏊȂ, (MEN8)
ߗ׉, (LOC2)
{eBA, (LOC3)
]O, (LOC14)
]TN, (LOC15)
M, (LOC4)
11. ߗ׊‹
eƋ߂, (NEI1)
eʂ, (NEI2)
Fl, (NEI3)
܂‚蓙̋y, (NEI4)
EߗׂɎd, (NEI5)
, (NEI6)
ۈ珊, (NEI7)
ɍwZ, (NEI8)
ÃT[rX, (NEI9)
iT[rX, (NEI10)
AjeB[, (NEI11)
ʂ, (NEI12)
T[rX, (NEI13)
{݂, (NEI14)
ΒnE, (NEI15)
12. T[rXpx
eqwAeqT, (SVCP)
nqĎxZ^[, (SVC2)
t@~[ET|[gEZ^[AƒIۈ, (SVC3)
ۈ牀, (SVC4)
ct, (SVC5)
wۈE, (SVC6)
ƒxZ^[, (SVC7)
BxZ^[, (SVC8)
k, (SVC9)
n[[NiEƈ菊j, (SVC10)
҃T|[gEXe[V, (SVC11)
ႪґkxZ^[, (SVC12)
ႪҏAJxZ^[, (SVC13)
nxZ^[, (SVC14)
Vo[lރZ^[, (SVC15)
\hvO, (SVC16)
, (SVC17)
ی, (SVC18)
13. ҃T[rXKvx
H̔zBT[rX, (ELD1)
|ES~o, (ELD2)
}T[rX, (ELD3)
荇ꏊ, (ELD4)
T[rX, (ELD5)
iT[rX, (ELD7)
NG[VT[rX, (ELD8)
14. qăT[rXKvx
{ŃlE{, (KID1)
ۈT[rX, (KID2)
ꎞۈ, (KID3)
aۈ, (KID4)
ۈ, (KID5)
Bx, (KID6)
ߗ\h, (KID7)
t[XN[, (KID8)
wۈ, (KID9)
wۈ, (KID10)
wKx, (KID11)
lȐiHw, (KID12)
15. XgXx
ΖԓK, (STR1)
ߋΖ̏, (STR2)
t΂Ȃ, (STR3)
Ύ蓖x, (STR4)
Nxɂ̎擾, (STR5)
YxEx̎擾, (STR6)
J̓Փx, (STR7)
ΖԂ̎Rx, (STR8)
Ζꏊ̎Rx, (STR9)
16. E‹
, (WOR1)
ŠNɔz, (WOR2)
VҌٗpMS, (WOR3)
qĂx, (WOR5)
Ƒx, (WOR6)
Љv, (WOR7)
LApX, (WOR8)
de̎, (WOR9)
ƌv쐬ւ̎Qx, (WOR10)
d̐ʂ̔c”\, (WOR11)
iEƂ̏񋤗L, (WOR12)
17. Ȃ̎dx
DŖ, (INT1)
DȎdT, (INT2)
]ƈ, (INT3)
s, (INT4)
Dҋ, (INT5)
, (INT6)
D含Ȃ, (INT7)
Dł͂Ȃ, (INT8)
Dǂs, (INT9)
18. n
Ɓijv, (CRE1)
VZp̊J, (CRE2)
VKƂ̗グ, (CRE3)
COio, (CRE4)
vZX̉, (CRE5)
Љv , (CRE6)
E‹P , (CRE7)
@ߏ, (CRE8)
19. ЉB
ڂ‚߂, (MCH1)
ΊԂ, (MCH2)
Oɔ, (MCH3)
wv, (MCH4)
, (MCH5)
͕, (MCH6)
V, (MCH7)
ȂȂo[, (MCH8)
ɗ, (MCH9)
oߕq, (MCH10)
20. e̗{X^C
e^, (CAR1)
qS^, (CAR2)
ߕی^, (CAR3)
Η^, (CAR4)
w^, (CAR5)
^, (CAR6)
ь@^, (CAR7)
^, (CAR8)
ڐG^, (CAR9)
C^, (CAR10)
21. ړ^
̌ւ, (EJA01)
񂷂, (EJA02)
QԂ, (EJA03)
͂͂, (EJA04)
‚, (EJA05)
, (EJA06)
, (EJA07)
Kiオi݁j, (EJA08)
, (EJA09)
XLbv, (EJA10)
22. ̉^
‚, (EJB01)
̂‚, (EJB02)
ۂ, (EJB03)
̎ԑ点, (EJB04)
Ȃ菑, (EJB05)
ςݖ؏d, (EJB06)
S_Ԃ牺, (EJB07)
܂˂Ċۂ, (EJB08)
݂͂Ŏ؂, (EJB09)
s@n, (EJB10)
23. {IK
t], (EJD01)
eFňĂĂ, (EJC01)
ςz͂ア, (EJD02)
eFǂ, (EJC02)
[ɂ, (EJD03)
eF̎qƗV΂, (EJC03)
ȂƑ勃, (EJD04)
eFKK^, (EJC04)
̏d, (EJD05)
eFNȂǂ^, (EJC05)
H̊Jn, (EJD06)
eFςݖ؂^, (EJC06)
鋃, (EJD07)
eFS_Ȃǎg킹, (EJC07)
ԗVы, (EJD08)
eFy^, (EJC08)
Ooł, (EJD09)
eF{[Vт, (EJC09)
CC, (EJD10)
eAX|[cȂǂK킹, (EJC10)
24. 玙㍢
t], (EJD01)
eFňĂĂ, (EJC01)
ςz͂ア, (EJD02)
eFǂ, (EJC02)
[ɂ, (EJD03)
eF̎qƗV΂, (EJC03)
ȂƑ勃, (EJD04)
eFKK^, (EJC04)
̏d, (EJD05)
eFNȂǂ^, (EJC05)
H̊Jn, (EJD06)
eFςݖ؂^, (EJC06)
鋃, (EJD07)
eFS_Ȃǎg킹, (EJC07)
ԗVы, (EJD08)
eFy^, (EJC08)
Ooł, (EJD09)
eF{[Vт, (EJC09)
CC, (EJD10)
eAX|[cȂǂK킹, (EJC10)
25. e̗{X^C
t], (EJD01)
eFňĂĂ, (EJC01)
ςz͂ア, (EJD02)
eFǂ, (EJC02)
[ɂ, (EJD03)
eF̎qƗV΂, (EJC03)
ȂƑ勃, (EJD04)
eFKK^, (EJC04)
̏d, (EJD05)
eFNȂǂ^, (EJC05)
H̊Jn, (EJD06)
eFςݖ؂^, (EJC06)
鋃, (EJD07)
eFS_Ȃǎg킹, (EJC07)
ԗVы, (EJD08)
eFy^, (EJC08)
Ooł, (EJD09)
eF{[Vт, (EJC09)
CC, (EJD10)
eAX|[cȂǂK킹, (EJC10)
26. ΐl֌W
, (EJF01)
΂, (EJF02)
lm肷, (EJF03)
ěǂ, (EJF04)
`, (EJF05)
FBƎ‚Ȃ, (EJF06)
db, (EJF07)
bĂ, (EJF08)
܂܂Ƃo, (EJF09)
͂č̎R‚, (EJF10)
27. t̔B
Cɋ, (EJH01)
eF̂Ă, (EJG01)
o, (EJH02)
eFG{ǂ, (EJG02)
lɌo, (EJH03)
eFCiCCiCo[, (EJG03)
ɂׂ, (EJH04)
eFԂ̘bɉ, (EJG04)
ꕶ, (EJH05)
eF_ƌ, (EJG05)
̐, (EJH06)
eFU, (EJG06)
uoCoCvȂǂɔ, (EJH07)
eFق߂, (EJG07)
Ȃǂw, (EJH08)
eFV, (EJG08)
ԂȂǂ̐F킩, (EJH09)
eF`𗊂, (EJG09)
5܂ł̐킩, (EJH10)
eFX}zɖv, (EJG10)
28. eq̑Θb
Cɋ, (EJH01)
eF̂Ă, (EJG01)
o, (EJH02)
eFG{ǂ, (EJG02)
lɌo, (EJH03)
eFCiCCiCo[, (EJG03)
ɂׂ, (EJH04)
eFԂ̘bɉ, (EJG04)
ꕶ, (EJH05)
eF_ƌ, (EJG05)
̐, (EJH06)
eFU, (EJG06)
uoCoCvȂǂɔ, (EJH07)
eFق߂, (EJG07)
Ȃǂw, (EJH08)
eFV, (EJG08)
ԂȂǂ̐F킩, (EJH09)
eF`𗊂, (EJG09)
5܂ł̐킩, (EJH10)
eFX}zɖv, (EJG10)
29. qǂ̍AԍD
mIDS, (LIK1)
v, (LIK2)
, (LIK3)
_, (LIK4)
i搫, (LIK5)
, (LIK6)
n, (LIK7)
\, (LIK8)
Q[, (LIK9)
׋, (LIK10)
30. ǂԍD
mIDS, (LIK11)
v, (LIK12)
, (LIK13)
_, (LIK14)
i搫, (LIK15)
, (LIK16)
n, (LIK17)
\, (LIK18)
Q[, (LIK19)
׋, (LIK20)
31. N̍̐̌
ۑ茤, (SUC1)
l, (SUC2)
[_[Vbv, (SUC3)
MOт, (SUC4)
̂‚̌, (SUC6)
ň, (SUC7)
ȋL^B, (SUC8)
Q[𐧍, (SUC9)
\KEK, (SUC10)
32. eN̍̐̌
ۑ茤, (SUC11)
l, (SUC12)
[_[Vbv, (SUC13)
MOт, (SUC14)
ACfBANj, (SUC15)
̂‚̌, (SUC16)
ň, (SUC17)
ȋL^B, (SUC18)
Q[𐧍, (SUC19)
\KEK, (SUC20)