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: Safe and Secure City

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Safe and Secure City STA4
Ensuring Preparedness for Disasters STA41
Prompt Response to Disaster Emergencies STA411
Formulation and coordination concerning the Emergency Preparedness Plan () 77 STA4111
Assistance to People and Community affected by Disasters () 78 STA4112
Condolence Money for Disaster-Affected People and Disable People () 79 STA4113
Planning and Coordination concerning Disaster Management () 80 STA4115
Policies to Prevent Disasters () 81 STA4116
Daily Preparations for Disasters STA412
Volunteer Disaster Management Activities () 82 STA4121
Comprehensive Regional Disaster Preparedness Training () 83 STA4122
Disseminate Information on Disaster Preparednedd () 84 STA4123
City with Citizens Peace of Minds STA42
Crime-less City & Neighbourhood STA421
Anti-Crime Policy and Implementation () 85 STA4211
Preventing Anti-Social Behaviour () 86 STA4212
Preventing and Supporting Victims of Domestic Violence () 1 STA4213
Anti-Terrolism () 88 STA4214
Drug and Alcohol Abuse () 1 STA4215
Crime of Youth () 2 STA4216
Pedestrian-Friendly City STA422
Coordination of Traffic Safety Initiatives () 1 STA4221
Preventing Illegal Parking () 2 STA4223
Protention of Human Rights STA423
Counselling on Human Right Issues () 93 STA4231
Promotion of Gender Equality () 94 STA4233
Patronage for Adults' Legal Right () 1 STA4234
City with Secure Consumers Protection STA44
Questions on Selection and Purchases of Goods and Services () 103 STA4411
Exibition and Show-case () 104 STA4413
Lending and reading of books and videos () 105 STA4414
Seminars for Consumers () 106 STA4415
Raising awareness and counselling on Multiple Debt Problem () 107 STA4421
Preserving Community Forests () 3 STA7145
Creating Safe and Earthquake-proof Buildings STA95
Guidance and Support for Rehabilitation of Houses and Condominium for Better EarthQuake-Resistent St STA951
Guidance and Support for Rehabilitation of Wooden Houses and Condominium for Better EarthQuake-Resis () 443 STA9511
Certification of Rehabilitation Plans for Specific Buildings for Better Earthquake Resistance () 444 STA9512
Emergency Risk Evaluation for Buildings affected by Earthquake () 445 STA9513
Processing of Reports Required by the Law on Recycling of Construction Materials (2000 Law 104) () 446 STA9514
Inspection and Correction of Buildings Violating the Conditions of Building Permit () 447 STA9521
Designation of Location of Private Roads () 448 STA9522
Periodic Reporting of the Speciic Categories of Buildings () 449 STA9523
Inspection of Buildings upon Completion on the Compliance to the Conditions of the Permit () 450 STA9524
Approval of Building Structure () 451 STA9525
Administration of Disignated Certification and Inspection Agents () 452 STA9526
Housing and Public Spaces STA96
Planning and Design of Public Housing STA961
Design and Construction of Public Housing () 453 STA9611
Vision for Pubic Housing Projects () 454 STA9612
Consultation and Guidance on the design of High-Quality Rental Housing for Elderly People () 30 STA9614
Improving quality of Housing STA962
Promoting the Supply of High-Quality Rental Housing for Elderly People () 46 STA9622
Renewal Maintenance and Management of City Housing () 32 STA9623
Creative Uses of Public Spaces STA963
Disaster-Resistent Roads STAa15
Inspection of Road Hazards Caused by Disasters and Emergency Repair Works () 85 STAa151
Road Securing Traffic Safety STAa16
Design Installation and Maintenance of Traffic Safety Equipments () 24 STAa161
Design Installation and Maintenance of Traffic Safety Facility () 25 STAa162
Improve Public Transportation System STAa21
Public Transportation Policy () 31 STAa211
Community Welfare Transportation System () 45 STAa213
Rivers and Streams Attractive to Citizens STAa3
Attractive Promnade Along Water STAa31
Rivers Resistant to Flood STAa32
Design and Civil Engineering of Improvement and Maintenance of Rivers () 488 STAa321
Recovery Work for Rivers Damaged by Disasters () 489 STAa322
Fire-Resistant City STAc
Create an Effective Organization to Fight Against Fire STAc0
General Coordination Human Resource Management and Accounting () 537 STAc011
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Raising Awareness on Fire-prevention STAc11
Policies Guidance and Public Relations about Fire Prevention () 538 STAc112
Concent to Fire Extinguishing Activities for Buildings () 539 STAc113
Guidance for Various Fire Prevention Clubs Voluntary Fire Extinguishing Teams () 540 STAc114
Training on Fire Prevention () 541 STAc115
Statistics concerning Fire Prevention () 542 STAc116
Inspection of Hazardous Plants and Equipments STAc12
Inspection and Guidance on Fire Prevention Objects and Facilities Dealing With Hazardous Materials () 543 STAc121
Inspection and Guidance on Petro-Chemical Complex () 544 STAc123
Criteria for Fire Resistant Buildings and Disclosure of Illegal Buildings and Facilities violating F () 545 STAc124
Inspection and Guidance on Fire Extiguishing Facilities () 546 STAc125
Improving the Capability to Extinguish Fire STAc21
Fire Extinguishing Activities () 547 STAc211
Securing and Managing Water Supply for Fire Extinguishing Activities () 548 STAc213
Improvement and Maintenance of Fire Extinguishing Machinaries and Equipment () 549 STAc214
Consultation on the Approval of Development Activities () 550 STAc215
Improving the Capacity of Ambulance STAc22
Modernization of Emergency Mediacal Treatment System () 551 STAc222
Emergency Preparedness () 552 STAc224
Strengthen Disaster Coping Capacity STAc23
Training for Rescue Activities from Disaster Areas () 553 STAc231
Supporting Volunteer Disaster Management Organization () 554 STAc232
Promotion of Disaster Prevention Organizations () 555 STAc233
Disaster Management Information System STAc3
Disaster Management Information System@Plan STAc31
Order for Fire Extinguishing Activities In Response to Fire Reports () 556 STAc311
Management Plan for Fire Squdrons s Activities () 557 STAc312
Management of Emergency Communication System for Disaster Alerm and Emergency Communication Control () 558 STAc313
Intensified Fire Alert Formation () 559 STAc321
Coordination with Other Disaster Management Organizations and Collecting Information () 560 STAc322
Statistics on Disasters () 103 STAc323