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City Building Administration () 3 STA1121
Promoting Basic City Plans STA21
Formulation of the Basic Environmental Plan STA71
State of Environment Report () 343 STA7111
Creation of Partnership () 344 STA7112
Environmental Protection Basic Ordinance () 345 STA7113
Environmental Protection Action Plan () 346 STA7114
Policies Towards Global Warming STA712
CO2 Reduction from local authority operations () 347 STA7121
CO2 Reduction from Houses () 348 STA7123
CO2 Reduction from Offices and Commercial Facilities () 349 STA7124
CO2 Reduction from Transportation Sector () 6 STA7125
Promoting the Use of Renewable Energy STA713
Use of Bio Fuels () 351 STA7131
Use of Wind Energy () 3 STA7133
Survey of Local Ecosystem () 1 STA7142
Regulation of Development () 2 STA7144
Preserving Community Forests () 3 STA7145
Preserving Rivers & Lakes () 4 STA7146
Prevent Desertification () 5 STA7148
Preserving Biodiversity () 6 STA7149
Preservation of Rice Pads, Wet Land () 7 STA714a
Air/Water Quality STA72
Monitoring Air Quality STA721
Protecting unpoluted Air and Grounds () 360 STA7211
Response to Complaints () 361 STA7214
Monitoring Water Quality () 362 STA7215
Water Resource Management Plan STA722
Creating a Recycling System STA73
Reducing and Disposing Household Wastes () 363 STA731
Statistics and Disposal Planning of Household Waste() STA7311
Research on the Household Wastes () 364 STA7312
Promotion of Reducing and Re-Using Household Wastes () 365 STA7313
General Management of Waste Disposal Facilities () 366 STA7317
Promoting Clean Town InitiativeB () 367 STA7318
Recycling Household Wastes () 368 STA7319
Composting of Household Waste STA732
Recycling of Paper () 369 STA7321
Recycling of Plastics () 370 STA7322
Recycling of Glasses () 371 STA7323
Recycling of Electric Appliances () 372 STA7324
Monitoring Householde Wastes () 373 STA7325
Preventing Illegal Dumping of Wastes STA733
Certification and Supervision of General Waste Disposal Serice Providers () 374 STA7331
Registration and supervision of Septic MaintenanceService ProvidersB () 375 STA7341
Research and Planing for Waste Disposal Facilities STA735
Disposal of Human Waste and Soil Produced by Sewer Treatment Facilities () 376 STA7351
Broader Regional Waste Disposal Facilities () 377 STA7353
Designing and Implementation of Construction Works for Environment Department () 378 STA7354
Maintenance of Environmental Facilities () 379 STA7355
Raising Awareness of Citizens for Recycling STA736
ReUse of Containers and Rapping Materials and Exchangeof Unused Materials () 380 STA7361
Recycling of ReUsable Wastes () 381 STA7362
Manitenance of Waste Disposal Facilities () 382 STA7363
Measuring Weight and Imposition of Fees on the Collection of Containers and Rapping Materials () 383 STA7364
Administration of Recycling Plaza () 30 STA7365
Promoting Vigorous Agriculture/Forestry and Fishery STA83
Promotion of AgricultureA and Forestry STA831
Policies Towards Agriculture, and Forestry () 2 STA8311
Promotion and Management Guidance to Agriculture, and Forestry () 3 STA8312
Managing Production Greens () 4 STA8314
Farming Land Improvement () 5 STA8315
Promoting Organic Agriculture () 6 STA8316
Consumption of Local Products, Open-Air Market () 7 STA8317
Direct Delivery of Local Products () 8 STA8318
Promoting Fishery STA832
Promotion and Guidance to Fisheries () 5 STA8322
Supervision of Fishery Organizations () 10 STA8323
Transfer of FarmingLands STA833
Communication With Agricultural Land Use Commission () 11 STA8331
Approval of Land Use of Farming Land for other Purposes and Monitoring of Illegal Use () 12 STA8332
Administration of the Agricultural Training Centre () 17 STA8333
Promotion of Tourism STA84
Promoting Tourism and Regional Cultural Heritage STA841
Promotion of Tourism () 424 STA8411
Research and Planning for Tourism Development () 425 STA8412
Collecting and Disseminating Toursm Information () 426 STA8413
Promotion and Support for Tourism Events () 427 STA8414
Guidance to the Tourism Organizations () 428 STA8415
Administration of Tourism Facilities () 429 STA8416
Tourism Using Cultural Heritage () 16 STA8417
City Community-Building Through Citizens Participation STA9
Cordination of Land Use() STA911
Formulation and Implementation of Urban Planning STA92
Formulation and Implementation of Urban Planning STA921
() 431 STA9215
Support of Area Planning STA922
Building Permission in the Urban Planning Project Areas () 432 STA9221
Regulating Land Use and Estate Development STA94
Regulating Land Use and Estate Development STA941
Approval Based on the Ordinance for Coordination of Appropriate Land UseB () 13 STA9412
Regulations on Orderly Development () 14 STA9421
Guidance on Residential Land Preservation in the Residential Land Development Ristricted Areas () 15 STA9423
Evaluation for Residential Lands For Disaster Risks () 16 STA9425
Land Registry for Development Activities () 17 STA9426
Roads Lined with Green STAa17
Public Transport STAa17
Planting and Maintenance of Road-SideTrees () 26 STAa171
Bus Transport () 27 STAa172
Community Bus () 28 STAa173
Street Car, LRT () 29 STAa174
Welfare Taxi () 30 STAa175
Improve Public Transportation System STAa21
Public Transportation Policy () 31 STAa211
Community Welfare Transportation System () 45 STAa213
Rivers and Streams Attractive to Citizens STAa3
Attractive Promnade Along Water STAa31
Rivers Resistant to Flood STAa32
Design and Civil Engineering of Improvement and Maintenance of Rivers () 488 STAa321
Recovery Work for Rivers Damaged by Disasters () 489 STAa322
Green and Parks Accessible to Citizens STAa4
Reseaqrch and Planning for Parks Greens STAa41
Reseaqrch and Planning for Parks Greens and Park Cemetaries () 45 STAa411
Design and Implementation of New Development and Improvement of Parks and Greens () 46 STAa412
Design and Implementation of civil engineering works of Park Cemetaries () 47 STAa413
Coordination of Cost Estimates of Construction Woks of Parks () 48 STAa414
Preservation of Greens STAa42
Measures to Preserve Greens () 49 STAa422
Raising Awareness Concerning the Preservation and Expansion of Green () 50 STAa423
Administration of the Green Fund () 51 STAa424
Approval of Building Activities within the Special Green Preservation Areas Scenic Preservation Are () 52 STAa425
Design and Implementation of Maintenance Works of Parks and Greens () 53 STAa433
Guidance and Assistance to the Prevention of Disasters in the Privately Owned Land in Steep Slope Ar () 54 STAa441
Preventing Land Slides () 55 STAa442
Inspection of Damages Caused by in Steep Slope Areas () 71 STAa443
Better Customer Services STAb11
Starting Water Supply Agreement on User Fees Collection of Fees () 502 STAb112
Exchanging Water Meter Exemption of User Fees and Auto-Pay () 503 STAb113
Outsourcing of Meter Inspection () 504 STAb114
Delinquency of User Fees stoppage of Water Supply Cost Sharing by Beneficiaries () 505 STAb115
Estimation of Waste Water Volume and Public Relationship () 506 STAb116
Efficient Management of the Water/Sewage Corporation STAb12
Management of Water ans Sewer Business () 507 STAb121
Water Sharing Agreements () 508 STAb122
Public Relations () 509 STAb124
Financial Plans () 510 STAb126
Effective Implementation of Works STAb13
Contracting Procurement of Goods and Services () 511 STAb131
Processing Applications for Water Supply and Sewer Construction Works Examination of Plans and Insp () 512 STAb133
Administration of Water Tanks () 513 STAb137
Starting the Usage of Sewer System () 514 STAb138
Responding to City s Demand for Water STAb2
Planning for Water Management STAb21
Management of Technologies for Ware Supply and Sewer System () 515 STAb211
Planning of Water Supply and Sewer System () 516 STAb212
GeneralCoordination of Disaster Management () 517 STAb213
General Coordination of Environmental Management () 518 STAb214
Water Acquisition Treatment and Distribution Plan () 519 STAb215
Water Management Policies () 520 STAb216
Civil Engineering Works to Move Water Supply and Sewer Pipes Due to Road Construction Works () 521 STAb221
Maintenance of Water Hydrants Attached to Water Supply Pipes () 522 STAb222
Water Supply Interuption and Imposing a Limitation on Water Supply () 523 STAb223
Emergency Water Supply () 524 STAb224
Inspection and Repair of Leaking Water Supply Pipes and equipment () 525 STAb225
Design Implementation of Maintenance Works of Public Sewer System () 526 STAb226
Design Implementation and Mantenance of Water Supply System Construction and Improvement Projects () 527 STAb227
Design and Implementation of Contracted and Cost Sharing Civil Engineering Works () 528 STAb228
Water Quality Management and Inspections for Water Supply System () 529 STAb231
Design Implementation and Maintenance of Electric and Mechanical Equipment Installation Works for () 530 STAb232
Design and Implementation of Construction and Improvement Works of Public Sewer System () 531 STAb233
Design and Implementation of MaintenanceWorks for Public SewerSystem () 532 STAb234
Administration of Waste Water Treatment Centres and Pomping Sites () 533 STAb241
Water Quality Management and inspections at Waste Water Treatment Centres () 534 STAb242
Research on Sewer Treatment Technologies Use of Treated Water and Ashes produced by burning the wa () 535 STAb243
Monitoring Guidance and Inspection of Water Quality of Efluents from Specific Entities () 166 STAb244