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Municipal Infrastructure

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: Urban Planning

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Safe and Secure City STA4
Ensuring Preparedness for Disasters STA41
Prompt Response to Disaster Emergencies STA411
Formulation and coordination concerning the Emergency Preparedness Plan () 77 STA4111
Assistance to People and Community affected by Disasters () 78 STA4112
Condolence Money for Disaster-Affected People and Disable People () 79 STA4113
Planning and Coordination concerning Disaster Management () 80 STA4115
Policies to Prevent Disasters () 81 STA4116
Daily Preparations for Disasters STA412
Volunteer Disaster Management Activities () 82 STA4121
Comprehensive Regional Disaster Preparedness Training () 83 STA4122
Disseminate Information on Disaster Preparednedd () 84 STA4123
Formulation of the Basic Environmental Plan STA71
State of Environment Report () 343 STA7111
Creation of Partnership () 344 STA7112
Environmental Protection Basic Ordinance () 345 STA7113
Environmental Protection Action Plan () 346 STA7114
Policies Towards Global Warming STA712
City Community-Building Through Citizens Participation STA9
Formulation and Implementation of Urban Planning STA92
Formulation and Implementation of Urban Planning STA921
() 431 STA9215
Support of Area Planning STA922
Building Permission in the Urban Planning Project Areas () 432 STA9221
Planning and Implementing the Townscaping Regulations STA931
Afforestation relating to the Townscape Development () 433 STA9315
Improved Cleanliness of City () 434 STA9316
Preservation of Historic Buildings and Traditional Culture () 435 STA9317
Participation of Citizens in Preservation od Townscape () 436 STA9318
Regulating Land Use and Estate Development STA94
Regulating Land Use and Estate Development STA941
Approval of Specific Building and Development Activities based on Ordinance () 437 STA9411
Approval Based on the Ordinance for Coordination of Appropriate Land UseB () 438 STA9412
Regulations on Orderly Development () 439 STA9421
Guidance on Residential Land Preservation in the Residential Land Development Ristricted Areas () 440 STA9423
Evaluation for Residential Lands For Disaster Risks () 441 STA9425
Land Registry for Development Activities () 442 STA9426
Creating Safe and Earthquake-proof Buildings STA95
Guidance and Support for Rehabilitation of Houses and Condominium for Better EarthQuake-Resistent St STA951
Guidance and Support for Rehabilitation of Wooden Houses and Condominium for Better EarthQuake-Resis () 443 STA9511
Certification of Rehabilitation Plans for Specific Buildings for Better Earthquake Resistance () 444 STA9512
Emergency Risk Evaluation for Buildings affected by Earthquake () 445 STA9513
Processing of Reports Required by the Law on Recycling of Construction Materials (2000 Law 104) () 446 STA9514
Inspection and Correction of Buildings Violating the Conditions of Building Permit () 447 STA9521
Designation of Location of Private Roads () 448 STA9522
Periodic Reporting of the Speciic Categories of Buildings () 449 STA9523
Inspection of Buildings upon Completion on the Compliance to the Conditions of the Permit () 450 STA9524
Approval of Building Structure () 451 STA9525
Administration of Disignated Certification and Inspection Agents () 452 STA9526
Housing and Public Spaces STA96
Planning and Design of Public Housing STA961
Design and Construction of Public Housing () 453 STA9611
Vision for Pubic Housing Projects () 454 STA9612
Consultation and Guidance on the design of High-Quality Rental Housing for Elderly People () 30 STA9614
Improving quality of Housing STA962
Promoting the Supply of High-Quality Rental Housing for Elderly People () 31 STA9622
Renewal Maintenance and Management of City Housing () 32 STA9623
Creative Uses of Public Spaces STA963
Planning of Roads Transportation STAa11
Policies on Road Traffic () 458 STAa111
Promoting the Development of National Highways and Prefentural Roads () 459 STAa113
Administration of Road Registry () 460 STAa115
Concent to the Road Works Conducted by Companies Other than Road Administrator () 461 STAa116
Recording Abolision and Alterlation of City Roads () 462 STAa117
Certifying the Borders of the Roads () 463 STAa118
Coordination of Requests for Road Constructions Management and Repair () 464 STAa119
City where people can walk without fear STAa12
Reducing Car Trafic () 465 STAa121
Planning Design Construction and Improvement of Roads () 466 STAa123
Design and Implementation of Contracted Construction Works () 467 STAa124
() 468 STAa125
Assistance to Development of Private Roads () 469 STAa126
Measures to Cope with Bicycles left Unattended in Places Hazardous to Other Traffic STAa13
Developing Parking Spaces for Bicycles () 470 STAa131
Planning Design and Construction of Parking Spaces for Bicycles () 471 STAa132
Bareer-Free Roads and Public Transportation () 472 STAa133
Plan & Maintenanca of Roads STAa14
Design and Implementation of Road Maintenance Works () 473 STAa141
Land Acquisition for Road Maintenance Work Through Donation () 474 STAa142
Road Inspection () 475 STAa143
Cleaning of Roads () 476 STAa144
Expanding the Width of City Roads Currently Too Narrow () 477 STAa145
Disaster-Resistent Roads STAa15
Inspection of Road Hazards Caused by Disasters and Emergency Repair Works () 478 STAa151