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Work Environment and Work-Related Stress
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1. Employment Period

2. Work Environment and Work-Related Stress

3. Job Suitability/Job Satisfaction

4. Creating a New Business

5. SME Support

6. Needs for Social Service

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: Work Environment and Work-Related Stress

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Respecting Gender Equality STA45
Respecting Gender Equality STA451
Counselling on Human Rights Violations based on Discrimination by Sex () 108 STA4512
Counselling for Women () 109 STA4513
Coordination and Promotion of Policies on Human Rights () 110 STA4521
Protection of Equal Rights on Minorities, Immigrants and Asylum Seekers () 111 STA4522
Stress Check () 1 STA8132
Appropriate Working Hours() STA81321
No Overtime Works Without Specific Needs() STA81323
All Overtime Works Are Properly Paid() STA81324
Request for Annual Paid Holidays Are Duely Respected() STA81325
Acquisition of Paid Leave is Properly Respected() STA81326
My Work Assignment are Within the Range of My Ability() STA81327
Flexible Work-time Rules to Accommodate my Life-Style and Needs() STA81328
Home-Based Tele-Works are Permitted Flexibly() STA81329
Work Place Environment () 2 STA8133
Treated Equally Irrespective of Employment Type() STA81331
Mental Health Risks are Well Taken Care() STA81332
Eager to Employ Persons w/ Disability() STA81333
Eager to Train Employees() STA81334
Suppotive of Employees' Child Rearing() STA81335
Supportive of Employees' Family Care Activities() STA81336
Promote Social Contribution Activities by Employees() STA81337
Provide Well-Defined Carrear Path for Employees() STA81338
Respect Employees' Self-Determination How to Conduct Their Jobs() STA81339
Participation of Workers in Planning Their Work Programs () STA8133a
Employees Can Fully Understand the Outcome of Their Works() STA8133b
Information Sharing with Supervisors and Colleagues() STA8133c
Bullied in my Work Place() STA8133d