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3. Marriage

4. Abbused

5. Care Family Members while Working

6. Care Family Members full-time

7. Divorce

8. Widowed

9. Love/Empathy

10. Support from Family

11. Single Parent Raising Children

Category Name: Marriage/ Family Life
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() STA1157 Create
Support from Family (FML1) STA11571 Create
Marriage (FML12) STA11572 Create
Abbused (FML9) STA11573 Create
Care Family Members while Working (FML7) STA11574 Create
Care Family Members full-time (FML14) STA11575 Create
Divorce (FML13) STA11576 Create
1.ʁF@ǂ̂悤ȋݗvʂ̃XNyĂ̂ł傤H ()CCS_Results
Widowed (FML15) STA11577 Create
Love/Empathy (MEN12) STA11578 Create
Single Parent Raising Children (FML6) STA11583 Create
Nurseries are Available (NEI7) STA115a7 Create
Seivice Impact () STA115b Create
Your Parenting Style () STA115r Create
Acceptive (CAR1) STA115r01 Create
Child-Centric (CAR2) STA115r02 Create
Excessively Protective (CAR3) STA115r03 Create
Confrontational (CAR4) STA115r04 Create
Teach by Guidance (CAR5) STA115r05 Create
Controling (CAR6) STA115r06 Create
Lack of Consistency (CAR7) STA115r07 Create
Reconsiliatory (CAR8) STA115r08 Create
Few Communication (CAR9) STA115r09 Create
Leave As Children Wish (CAR10) STA115r10 Create
Supporting Carers for Family Members () STA11651 Create
Employers support for carers () STA11651 Create
Preventing Abuse of Elderly People () STA11655 Create
Preventing Abuse of Elderly People () STA11655 Create
Child Abbuse Counselling () STA11661 Create
Administration of Chidren s Counselling Centres () STA11661 Create
Protection of Children in Need () STA11661 Create
Centre for Counselling on Children Need () STA11661 Create
Approval & Registration of Child Adoption () STA11661 Create
Support for Single Parent Households () STA11661 Create
Support for Single Parent Households () STA11661 Create
Childrens Allowance for Single Parent Households () STA11661 Create
Local Centres for Child-Reering Support () STA11684 Create
Counseling/ Support for Child Reering (SVCP) STA11684 Create
Classes for Parents and Babies (SVCP) STA11684 Create
Counselling on Child Rearing () STA11684 Create
Mental Health Care for Parents () STA11684 Create
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1. q̍
ق߂邵‚, (EDU13)
邵‚, (EDU14)
ڐG, (EDU15)
ڐG, (EDU16)
ԗVы, (EDU6)
leɗ{, (FML8)
Nn, (FML10)
Ɠ, (CHL18)
Ɠ, (CHL19)
2. w
cƓ, (CHL13)
cƓ, (CHL14)
eMS, (EDU1)
ZoƓ, (CHL15)
ߗׂɌK, (EDU2)
, (EDU20)
ǂt, (EDU3)
Ɨ, (EDU17)
mʂ, (EDU18)
soZ, (EDU7)
߂ꂽ, (EDU9)
߂, (EDU19)
ߒ, (EDU12)
ΕׁEw, (MEN13)
̌, (MEN3)
3. ”N
Z, (EDU8)
NƎ, (EMP6)
厑i, (EMP2)
w, (EDU4)
ڕWEv搫, (MEN2)
4. d
EKٗp, (EMP14)
E񐳋Kٗp, (EMP7)
Kٗpɏi, (EMP11)
񐳋Kٗpɓ]E, (EMP12)
, (EMP8)
񐳋Kٗp, (EMP16)
Kٗp, (EMP17)
Eꂢ, (EMP15)
dEoX, (HLT4)
n, (EMP18)
, (EMP19)
[_[Vbv, (EMP20)
5. 炵
n, (EMP9)
ԍύ, (EMP13)
x, (HOU7)
Zr, (HOU9)
V㍢, (HOU11)
, (HOU12)
INɉ, (LOC5)
Nی, (LOC11)
6. iEC
sET, (MEN6)
sEQ, (MEN7)
肪, (MEN9)
lӖ, (MEN10)
͂ɓ{, (MEN11)
ԁEꏊE, (MEN4)
7. Ƒ
Ƒ̎x, (FML1)
, (FML12)
s, (FML9)
Ȃ, (FML7)
ɐO, (FML14)
, (FML13)
, (FML15)
v, (MEN12)
8. q
1qo, (CHL16)
2qȍ~o, (CHL17)
leq, (FML6)
w𒙒~, (CHL3)
qĕs, (CHL11)
ۈ珊s, (CHL7)
qǂԗVы, (CHL6)
qǂƗ, (CHL12)
qǂsoZ, (CHL8)
qǂٗps, (CHL10)
9. FlEߗ׊֌W
Fllbg, (EMP3)
eށEאl̎x, (LOC1)
ꏊȂ, (MEN8)
ߗ׉, (LOC2)
{eBA, (LOC3)
M, (LOC4)
10. ߗ׊‹
eƋ߂, (NEI1)
iT[rX, (NEI10)
AjeB[, (NEI11)
ʂ, (NEI12)
T[rX, (NEI13)
{݂, (NEI14)
ΒnE, (NEI15)
eʂ, (NEI2)
Fl, (NEI3)
܂‚蓙̋y, (NEI4)
EߗׂɎd, (NEI5)
, (NEI6)
ۈ珊, (NEI7)
ɍwZ, (NEI8)
ÃT[rX, (NEI9)
11. T[rXpx
eqwAeqT, (SVCP)
nqĎxZ^[, (SVC2)
t@~[ET|[gEZ^[AƒIۈ, (SVC3)
ۈ牀, (SVC4)
ct, (SVC5)
wۈE, (SVC6)
ƒxZ^[, (SVC7)
BxZ^[, (SVC8)
k, (SVC9)
n[[NiEƈ菊j, (SVC10)
҃T|[gEXe[V, (SVC11)
ႪґkxZ^[, (SVC12)
ႪҏAJxZ^[, (SVC13)
nxZ^[, (SVC14)
Vo[lރZ^[, (SVC15)
\hvO, (SVC16)
, (SVC17)
ی, (SVC18)
12. x
Kx, (WEL1)
13. RL
RL, (FRE1)
14. ҃T[rXKvx
H̔zBT[rX, (ELD1)
|ES~o, (ELD2)
}T[rX, (ELD3)
荇ꏊ, (ELD4)
T[rX, (ELD5)
iT[rX, (ELD7)
NG[VT[rX, (ELD8)
15. qăT[rXKvx
oYE玙уT[rX, (KID1)
ۈT[rX, (KID2)
ꎞۈ, (KID3)
aۈ, (KID4)
ۈ, (KID5)
Bx, (KID6)
ߗ\h, (KID7)
t[XN[, (KID8)
wۈ, (KID9)
wۈ, (KID10)
wKx, (KID11)
qH, (KID12)
16. XgXx
ΖԓK, (STR1)
ߋΖ̏, (STR2)
t΂Ȃ, (STR3)
Ύ蓖x, (STR4)
Nxɂ̎擾, (STR5)
YxEx̎擾, (STR6)
J̓Փx, (STR7)
ΖԂ̎Rx, (STR8)
Ζꏊ̎Rx, (STR9)
17. E‹
, (WOR1)
ŠNɔz, (WOR2)
VҌٗpMS, (WOR3)
qĂx, (WOR5)
Ƒx, (WOR6)
Љv, (WOR7)
LApX, (WOR8)
18. ̑d
ۑւ̎Q, (AUT1)
Ⴂl̈ӌ𕷂, (AUT2)
de, (AUT3)
ƌv쐬ւ̎Qx, (AUT4)
d̐ʂ̔c”\, (AUT5)
iEƂ̏񋤗L, (AUT6)
19. Ȃ̎dx
I, (INT1)
IT, (INT2)
OI, (INT3)
s, (INT4)
Dҋ, (INT5)
, (INT6)
DE‹, (INT7)
Dł͂Ȃ, (INT8)
Dǂs, (INT9)
20. qǂ̍AԍD
mIDS, (LIK1)
mIDS, (LIK11)
v, (LIK2)
v, (LIK12)
, (LIK3)
, (LIK13)
_, (LIK4)
_, (LIK14)
i搫, (LIK5)
i搫, (LIK15)
, (LIK6)
, (LIK16)
n, (LIK7)
n, (LIK17)
\, (LIK8)
\, (LIK18)
Q[, (LIK9)
Q[, (LIK19)
׋, (LIK10)
׋, (LIK20)
21. ǂԍD
mIDS, (LIK1)
mIDS, (LIK11)
v, (LIK2)
v, (LIK12)
, (LIK3)
, (LIK13)
_, (LIK4)
_, (LIK14)
i搫, (LIK5)
i搫, (LIK15)
, (LIK6)
, (LIK16)
n, (LIK7)
n, (LIK17)
\, (LIK8)
\, (LIK18)
Q[, (LIK9)
Q[, (LIK19)
׋, (LIK10)
׋, (LIK20)
22. N̍̐̌
ۑ茤, (SUC1)
l, (SUC2)
[_[Vbv, (SUC3)
MOт, (SUC4)
̂‚̌, (SUC6)
ň, (SUC7)
ȋL^B, (SUC8)
Q[𐧍, (SUC9)
\KEK, (SUC10)
23. dŐ
含, (MOT1)
Љv, (MOT2)
ocǗ, (MOT3)
Љ`, (MOT4)
NƉ, (MOT5)
mÂ薼l, (MOT6)
NG[^[, (MOT7)
ڕWB, (MOT8)
v^, (MOT9)
RcRc^, (MOT10)
24. n
Ɓijv, (CRE1)
VZp̊J, (CRE2)
VKƂ̗グ, (CRE3)
VsJ, (CRE4)
vZX̉, (CRE5)
Љv , (CRE6)
E‹P , (CRE7)
@ߏ, (CRE8)
25. qǂNɐ̌
ۑ茤, (SUC11)
l, (SUC12)
[_[Vbv, (SUC13)
MOт, (SUC14)
ACfBANj, (SUC15)
̂‚̌, (SUC16)
ň, (SUC17)
ȋL^B, (SUC18)
Q[𐧍, (SUC19)
\KEK, (SUC20)
26. ЉB
ڂ‚߂, (MCH1)
ΊԂ, (MCH2)
Oɔ, (MCH3)
wv, (MCH4)
, (MCH5)
͕, (MCH6)
V, (MCH7)
ȂȂo[, (MCH8)
ɗ, (MCH9)
oߕq, (MCH10)
27. e̗{X^C
e^, (CAR1)
qS^, (CAR2)
ߕی^, (CAR3)
Η^, (CAR4)
w^, (CAR5)
^, (CAR6)
ь@^, (CAR7)
^, (CAR8)
ڐG^, (CAR9)
C^, (CAR10)
28. ړ^
̌ւ, (EJA01)
񂷂, (EJA02)
QԂ, (EJA03)
͂͂, (EJA04)
‚, (EJA05)
, (EJA06)
, (EJA07)
Kiオi݁j, (EJA08)
, (EJA09)
XLbv, (EJA10)
29. ̉^
‚, (EJB01)
̂‚, (EJB02)
ۂ, (EJB03)
̎ԑ点, (EJB04)
Ȃ菑, (EJB05)
ςݖ؏d, (EJB06)
S_Ԃ牺, (EJB07)
܂˂Ċۂ, (EJB08)
݂͂Ŏ؂, (EJB09)
s@n, (EJB10)
30. e̎x
eFňĂĂ, (EJC01)
eFǂ, (EJC02)
eF̎qƗV΂, (EJC03)
eFKK^, (EJC04)
eFNȂǂ^, (EJC05)
eFςݖ؂^, (EJC06)
eFS_Ȃǎg킹, (EJC07)
eF݂͂^, (EJC08)
eF{[Vт, (EJC09)
eAX|[cȂǂK킹, (EJC10)
31. 玙㍢
t], (EJD01)
ςz͂ア, (EJD02)
[ɂ, (EJD03)
ȂƑ勃, (EJD04)
̏d, (EJD05)
H̊Jn, (EJD06)
鋃, (EJD07)
ԗVы, (EJD08)
Ooł, (EJD09)
CC, (EJD10)
32. {IK
~, (EJE01)
߂, (EJE02)
rXPbgȂǎŐHׂ, (EJE03)
RbvŎĈ, (EJE04)
łׂ, (EJE05)
Xg[ň, (EJE06)
rA\, (EJE07)
ЂƂŐHׂ, (EJE08)
, (EJE09)
߂o, (EJE10)
33. ΐl֌W
, (EJF01)
΂, (EJF02)
lm肷, (EJF03)
ěǂ, (EJF04)
`, (EJF05)
FBƎ‚Ȃ, (EJF06)
db, (EJF07)
bĂ, (EJF08)
܂܂Ƃo, (EJF09)
͂č̎R‚, (EJF10)
34. eq̑Θb
eF̂Ă, (EJG01)
eFG{ǂ, (EJG02)
eFCiCCiCo[, (EJG03)
eFԂ̘bɉ, (EJG04)
eF_ƌ, (EJG05)
eFU, (EJG06)
eFق߂, (EJG07)
eFV, (EJG08)
eF`𗊂, (EJG09)
eFX}zɖv, (EJG10)
35. t̔B
Cɋ, (EJH01)
o, (EJH02)
lɌo, (EJH03)
ɂׂ, (EJH04)
ꕶ, (EJH05)
̐, (EJH06)
uoCoCvȂǂɔ, (EJH07)
Ȃǂw, (EJH08)
ԂȂǂ̐F킩, (EJH09)
5܂ł̐킩, (EJH10)