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Basic Facts
Q1, Raised by Single parent:
Service: ActivityID: STA6116FAQID: 3012
Vision: Immagin your Unlimited PotentialGoal: Risks & Resiliences in Childhood Activity: Often Praised in My Childhood, Often Scolded in my Childhood, Insufficient Time Spent w/ Father, Insufficient Time Spent w/ Mother, Not Good at Playing w/ Others, Raised by Poor Family, Living w/ Father in my Childhood, Living w/ Grand-Father in my Childhood, Living w/ Grand-Mother in my Childhood, Living w/ Brothers/Sisters in my Childhood, Development of Attachment,
Raised by Single parent: By Generation
Reference: Motoo Kusakabe, 2014, "Risk and Resilience Factors for the Citizens' Life in Seven Japanese Cities: Causes and Consequences of the Sharp Increase in Development Stage Risks in the Youth Generation", The Community Carte Report, Mar. 2015, The Open City Institute, Tokyo, Japan InputDate: 2015-03-21 00:00:00
Raised by Single parent: Prevalence@by 5-Year period
Raised by Single parent: Prevalence by Age Group
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. Q1.:
Q2.Factor Prevalence@by Generation: Raised by a Single Parent : How many percentage of people, in each Generation has this resilience factor?
Q3.Factor Prevalence by 5-year periods: Raised by a Single Parent : How many percentage of people, in each 5-Year Period has this resilience factor?
Q4.Factor Prevalence by age group: Raised by a Single Parent : How many percentage of people, in each Age Group has this resilience factor?
Q5.Consequences: Raised by a Single Parent : What kind of risks/Resiliences people having this factor will increase in the subsequent years?
. 1. If you are a lone parent and decide to work, where do you get support? ()
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