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1. A wired Village: The Warana Experiment (Warana, Kolhapur District of Maharashtra)
2. Cost-Effective way to target the poor by CASHPOR (CASHPOR)
3. Packet Radio is used in MCTs in Central America (Multipurpose Community Teleenter)
4. Cleveland Health Clinic detected eight network-security breaches by employees (Cleveland Clinic Health Systems )
5. Kothmale Community Radio/Internet Project: Expanding the Knowledge Base (Kothmale Community Radio Internet )
6. IT at Milk Collection Centers: The National Dairy Development Board Experience (Amul Co-operative)
7. Cyber Host: the Budalangi village women post office (CYBER HOST: -The Budalangi Village Women Post Office Project)
8. E-learning: A Successful Experiment (Buckman Laboratories International )
9. KDDI proposes VoIP based rural telephone access system (KDDI)
10. Luanda-Sul Self-financed Urban Infrastructure Program, (Luanda Sul)
11. Cristal: A Tool for Transparent Government in Argentina (Cristal Government initiative)
12. Shakti Foundation's experience to make it sustainable (The Shakti Foundation)
13. Covisint, Auto e-Marketplace, offers full service lines (Covisint)
14. AOL provides voice-based portal service using phone (AOLbyPhone )
15. Sowing Seeds of Trust in Rural Nebraska (Community Networking Institute)
16. Sri Lanka - Community Water Supply and Sanitation Project (The World Bank)
17. Community: E-Vironmental Activism (Environmental Defense )
18. Health information project: Using handheld computers for surveys (SATELLIFE)
19. Building a Community Block by Block in New York City (Neighborhood Entrepreneurs Program)
20. Wachovia saves training costs for 94,000 staff by E-Learning (Wachovia)
21. Viasphere Technopark (Viasphere Technopark)
22. SODBI Business Incubator (SODBI Business Incubator)
23. Kharkov Small Business Incubator (Kharkov Small Business Incubator)
24. Vulnerable Children -Use of Social Impact Bonds (Social FInance)

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